Teeth Whitening Strip Trial
Teeth Whitening Strip Trial
Teeth Whitening Strip Trial
Teeth Whitening Strip Trial
Teeth Whitening Strip Trial
Teeth Whitening Strip Trial
Teeth Whitening Strip Trial
Teeth Whitening Strip Trial
Teeth Whitening Strip Trial

Teeth Whitening Strip Trial

£4.95 £8.50




Try Molarclean's professional effect teeth whitening strips for guaranteed whiter teeth.

  • 14 Strips - 7 Treatments to get you started
  • Safe for enamel & no sensitivity
  • No-Slip Grip Whitening Strips
  • Rated Excellent on Trustpilot
  • Over 1 million strips sold in the UK

*You’ll start to see brighter teeth after 7 treatments, but for best results, you'll need to continue to use.


Simple & easy to use

Very simple and easy to use strips, with good coverage of the teeth. They don’t make massive shades of difference, but a nicely noticeable change in whiteness,without being too obvious

Date of experience: August 13, 2023

Irma Matiliunaite

Imprest with the results

I used whitening strips before and was not imprest. I gave it a go to Molarclean whitening strips and was really impressed with the results. Event after one use I noticed a difference. For me this is best whitening strips so far.

Date of experience: July 27, 2023



I liked the experience of using these strips. The best thing was they have stronger glue compared to cheaper options on the market and hold on the teeth very well. I used it for a maximum time and didn’t notice any sensitivity or discomfort. They have pleasant taste and I could see the difference after one use, however it doesn’t last unless you give up on coffee, tea, wine… Great option for the special occasion.

Date of experience: August 16, 2023

Harriet James

I was really impressed with these tooth...

I was really impressed with these tooth whitening strips. They were easy and straightforward to use. They are extremely comfortable to have in your mouth and barely noticeable whilst i get on with other tasks as they work their magic. With regular use I have noticed positive results.

Date of experience: August 15, 2023

C. Lovell

Always wanted to try teeth whitening…

Always wanted to try teeth whitening procedure. So when the opportunity arise to test the Molarclean Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips I was so happy to do this trial. Some slight improvement noticed. The procedure was not uncomfortable. Its easy to apply and remove. Mouth felt clean, teeth appeared sparkling.

Date of experience: July 24, 2023


These strips I thought would be useless…

These strips I thought would be useless but actually I have noticed just an amazing difference in how white my teeth have become since using them. They feel strange to put on and keep on for the time recommended I manage about an hour before I have to take them out. Would recommend.

Date of experience: August 08, 2023

Mich Lou

Great product would recommend

Great product would recommend you to try it great for an occasion strong sticks to teeth well and not a bad taste at all.

Date of experience: August 07, 2023


I wasn't hoping for much from these…

I wasn't hoping for much from these strips but I have noticed an improvement. easy to apply and they don't taste too bad either. I usually try to keep them on for an hour, I did keep them on for the maximum advised time of two hours on one occasion. Yes I would recommend anyone to give these strips a try.

Date of experience: August 13, 2023

Teresa Mitchell

Practical whitening strips

Really pleased my teeth look whiter, I am a red wine drinker and they still worked. Obviously you have to keep using. I noticed results after a couple of days. Tasted fine, and have managed not to irritate my "sometimes" sensitive teeth.

Date of experience: Aug 15, 2023


Freshness guaranteed

The item arrived pretty quickly. Whilst there wasn't a huge difference whiteness-wise, the strips left a nice fresh sensation and the front teeth looked more polished.

Date of experience: August 14, 2023


Great product!

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much to come of these. I’ve always been skeptical of different teeth whitening products but had wanted to try anyway. Well. I was very pleased to be wrong and would highly recommend to anyone!! Not only do these work but they work really well!!

Date of experience: August 09, 2023

Susy D

Love them!

I could see a difference in the colour of my teeth from first use. After using other brands of teeth whitening strips I found these the best so far. I love them! 1. They stayed on better than all the others I've tried (without slipping) 2. Could leave them on for the recommended half hour without having to take them off quickly due to my sensitive teeth

Date of experience: August 01, 2023

Abrea Szezendor Gonzalez

Whiter even after day 1

Well, they work. If you’re after whiter teeth - you will get instant results. Even after the first set of strips, your teeth will be noticeably whiter. Myself and my husband both used them. I have naturally whiter teeth and saw results. He has naturally duller teeth and he had results. I can’t say which it worked better for but we both went minimum 2 shades lighter, probably 3 for him. Just after 7 days. My only fault, and I compare to crest white strips. They leave a thick residue afterwards. This isn’t really a problem if you’re wearing them at home because you can go rinse your mouth out but for me, I throw them on before heading out and find myself with a mouth full of goo. It’s not a bad taste or anything but just needs a good rinse or wipe with a dry tissue. Otherwise, great!

Date of experience: August 10, 2023

Fiona Dudley


I've used lots of different teeth whitening products and molarclean is definitely the best. Easy to use, no residual gel mess and good results

Date of experience: August 15, 2023

Customers Photos

Tried many other teeth whitening products, some of which were quite expensive but none compare to the Molarclean one's! ... Really pleasantly surprised how well they work. Absolutely amazing results after 1st use. A definite must-have at fantastic prices
Absolutely amazing results after I only three uses of the tooth whitening strips so supposed wasn’t expecting ... it to be so good for such a reasonable price
These strips really do work and have whitened my teeth straight away, had quite a few compliments on how white my teeth are ... the best by far, also extremely well priced.
Out of all the teeth whiteners I've used, these are the best. I've spent a lot of money on teeth whitening and these ... are one of the best I've found.
I was hesitant to use whitening strips at first, however I’m pleased that I gave them a try. The strips are really ... easy to use and, unlike perioxide-based whitening products, they did not cause sensitivity or irritation to my teeth or gums. I left the strips on my teeth for 35 minutes and instantly saw a difference in colour after brushing. My teeth appeared to be whiter, brighter, and cleaner, and the tooth colour indicator indicated that they were two shades lighter. Environmentally, there is very little packaging/waste, and the pricing represents good value for money. I would definitely recommend this product and will continue to buy it.
Couldn’t recommend this teeth whitening kit enough from Molarclean 🦷🪥 Instant results in a few days and super easy ... to use at home!