Introducing Rewards

Molarclean Rewards is a great way to save money. Just place your order as usual and we’ll credit your account with points that can be redeemed for savings next time. See more ways to earn below.

How It Works - Order, Earn, Save, Spend


Order products, make sure you create an account


They’ll be credited to your account 14 days after purchase


Place orders and watch your rewards balance grow


Every 100 points saves £1 on your next order

Earn Points When You Complete Activities

All account holders will automatically earn points

Create an Account

Purchase Points

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Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know

Every time you shop on with a registered account, we reward you with points which can redeemed to use on future orders on the website. Reward Points are automatically added to your online account within 14 days of the purchase. These points can be exchanged online at any time and allow you to get even more money off your Molarclean purchase. You can earn points in these simple ways:


  1. Creating an account – 10 reward points

  2. Make a purchase – points are listed under each product. Points can be used to redeem money off purchases, and you can redeem up to £20 off a purchase

  3. Sign up to newsletter – 10 reward points

  4. Refer a friend – you must share your unique referral URL with a friend, once they click this they will get access to a voucher code to use on a purchase of over £30. Once this purchase has been completed, you will be given your 15 reward points.


How to earn my points?

You can earn points by purchasing our included products and referring friends as well as signing up to our newsletter. You earn points every time you spend with molarclean. 100 reward points equals £1 off your next order. No reward points will be given for the free product in our 3 for 2 offer. We may run time limited promotions which increase the number of points you can accrue from time to time.

What can I spend my reward points on?

You can spend your Reward Points for a future purchase from our website. (Cannot be spent on subscriptions order or used in conjunction with special promotional offers) When you want to redeem your points, follow these steps:

  • At checkout, you will be reminded of your Points total under the purchase price, there is a field to enter the amount of points you would like to use or a point slider, however you need at least 100 points (£1 worth) to use them on purchases.
  • Your points will then be automatically converted into currency and deducted from your order. Your new total payment required will be shown, the final value of the purchase should be no less than £1 for the transaction to be completed.
  • Simply continue through the payment steps to complete your purchase as normal. There is a maximum amount of points you can use per transaction which is 2000 points = £20.

I’ve placed an order, when will I receive my points?

You will receive your points immediately in a pending state - these will be approved 14 days after you have paid.

How long do I have to use my reward points?

Points expire 12 months after your last purchase, so as long as you keep purchasing, your points will not expire.

Can I use my rewards points with a discount code?

Reward points cannot be used at the same time as a discount code when making a purchase. You will still earn reward points on transactions when you are using a discount code.